We will disclose to you:

  • The role or roles we perform in an insurance transaction,
  • A list of the insurers we propose to approach  on your behalf and,
  • We aim to be clear with you as to how we are paid. We receive income in the following ways:
  1.  From you – for our services in placing your insurance policies. This may be by way of a fee, or by us retaining commissions/brokerage on your premiums.
  2. From insurers – we may receive fees for consulting services provided to insurers which are aimed at improving their offering to our clients and for the administration of certain facilities. Insurers may also pay us for tasks we undertake on their behalf, such as the binding of cover, procurement, claims support and the issue of documentation. For certain types of business, we may earn an additional commission based on the profitability of a book of business to insurers.
  • We always present to our clients our remuneration from each insurer ensuring a crystal clear relationship that serves their best interests