Commercial Vehicle

Commercial auto and fleet insurance cover in Cyprus.

Protecting your business motor vehicles & fleet

Niche helps design tailor-made and broker comprehensive motor fleet insurance for medium to large enterprises in Cyprus, protecting a range of commercial/business type vehicles against all sorts of losses and damages. This might include vehicle theft, own damage, third party fire and theft, as well as third party property damages.

Type of vehicles needing motor fleet insurance

Vehicles that fall under a commercial/business fleet and would require tailor-made motor fleet insurance may include:

Light commercial vehicles
Delivery vehicles including heavy transport and plant and equipment
Owner’s personal cars, or when employees utilise their own personal vehicles for business purposes
Business-owned and used vehicles, such as those driven by employees, management and other representatives, and
Vehicles used to transport passengers or deliver goods

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits & various types of non-wage compensation for your employees.

Providing bespoke solutions to Employers by engaging the number one asset of their company – their employees – to define and design their own benefit packages with our advice and expertise. An effective employee benefits strategy for your company will contribute in the metamorphosis of your workforce by:

Retaining and attracting talented employees
Increasing their productivity
Maximising trust and loyalty to the company
Motivating employees, and
Contributing to an improved work environment

Furthermore, the growing internationalisation of companies has exposed employees to more complex risks, including kidnappings, political turmoil and war in the countries they visit, as well as a number of other risks. Our team will advise on how to mitigate and respond to these.

Liability Insurance

Niche makes buying liability insurance cover in Cyprus easy, fast and complete for your business.

Liability insurance policies in Cyprus are part of risk financing to protect individuals or companies from risks of liabilities imposed by legal action. Liability insurances are designed to offer specific protection against third party insurance claims.

Commercial or business liability insurance coverage comes into effect when your Cyprus-based business is faced with a legal action alleging some sort of injury or property damage. It will cover damages to another party (person or entity) resulting from an incident you or your company (including employees) is responsible, such as any malpractice, injury or negligence. If you’re found to be legally liable (at fault), liability coverage will help you pay for any damage to the other party.

Such incidents can, and do happen, and to all sorts of business sizes or individuals. Liability insurance cover ensures your business can stand resilient through such difficult and challenging times. Liability insurance provides protection and greater peace of mind, allowing you to better focus on running your business.

Liability insurance policies cover both legal costs and any subsequent legal payouts to damages for which the insured would be responsible if found legally liable. Intentional damage and contractual liabilities are not normally covered in these types of policies.

Niche Insurance Brokers in Cyprus have the experience to guide you with what liability cover is needed in your specific circumstances, as well as of course the support in any post action. Liabilities insurance products available – Cyprus wide – via Niche Brokers include:

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Employers Liability, and
  • Excess Liability Programs


Report on Insurance in Cyprus

Marine & Specie

Marine, Cargo & Specie Insurance Cover in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the EU’s and world’s key maritime hubs, and world’s leading third party ship management centres. Niche provides brokerage services for maritime insurance, Protection & Indemnity (P&I) via leading multinational underwriters in the country.

This comes with preliminary advice and consultation, or when needed speedy action, with thorough negotiations, and ongoing customer support. Indeed at Niche, clients remain for the long-term, maintaining solid relationships built on proven results and trust.

Our brokerage service in Cyprus marine insurance covers:

  • Marine Cargo – On line Solutions
  • Freight Forwarders Liability – FFL
  • Marine Liability, and
  • Fine Art and Specie


Property Insurance

Protecting your business property with the right comprehensive insurance-cover package.

Niche provides custom-made property insurance solutions for commercial operations and businesses of all sizes in Cyprus. Essentially, providing the cover needed to meet all the needs associated with your daily operations, and ensuring your business is protected.

Our brokers have the expertise and experience to comprehensively review and assess your situation, and then advise on suitable insurance requirements. At the same time, helping clients better understand their insurance policy options and cover.

Niche Insurance Brokers provides products for:

  • Commercial Combined Insurance
  • Construction & Engineering, and
  • Offshore Combined Package – Oil & Gas

A commercial combined insurance policy is a comprehensive business cover that bundles a number of most commonly required areas in a single policy, thereby being both complete and cost-effective. Such cover is ideal for smaller to medium sized businesses in Cyprus, such as wholesalers, retailers, engineers, administrative and professional services, light commercial industries and manufacturing, as well as other types of factories.

We also offer insurance brokerage for construction and engineering risks, ideal for property developers in Cyprus, renovation companies, QS, and other property engineering related areas.

Specialty Insurance

Certain unique areas of commercial enterprise require specialised, niche insurance solutions.

There are certain areas of business and commercial practices that require highly specialised knowhow and proven experience. Niche focuses on a handful of these, thereby being better positioned to both advise more clearly on areas of policy, as well as having built more established networks of such specialised underwriters. Especially with such areas of insurance, ongoing analysis of industry trends and situations is also vital.

Niche provides comprehensive assessment of your case, and then helps develop insurance and risk cover solutions for all types of companies and professionals.

At the same time, Niche Insurance Brokers provide closer, more personalised services to better guide you through such unique insurance products and cases, such as with Speciality Insurance.

Various bespoke insurance products available in this category – Cyprus wide – include:

  • Cyber Liability
  • Terrorism & Political Violence
  • Contaminated Product Insurance
  • Jeweller’s Block
  • Aquaculture
  • Environmental Liability
  • Ultra-High Net Worth Clients, and
  • Crime