Niche specialises in the placement of worldwide coverage for private companies, public companies and multinational companies that are domiciled in Cyprus and have their operations worldwide. The synergies of designing global insurance programs from a specialist team of brokers who understand our client’s needs has delivered exceptional product solutions and substantial savings in cost.

Niche Brokers has built a strong relationship with a selective network of international insurers with global presence in order to ensure an impeccable level of service in the event of a claim. Our specialist team of brokers have successfully advised, designed and procure bespoke insurance solutions for Technology, FMCG, FX and Property owner companies. Clients can expect the personal touch of a boutique specialist brokerage firm, combined with the expertise and integrity to deliver consistent results that not just meet but exceed their expectations.

Cyprus is a full member of the European Union (EU) and Euro Zone money area, as well as a member of Commonwealth of Nations. It is politically stable with a legal system based on common law, modelled on the UK. Over recent years, like much of the rest of the world, Cyprus has also ridden the wave of economic challenges. But it has also since proven to be resilient, quickly implementing measures to stabilise the internal situation and return to growth soon after. In turn, being upgraded by international credit agencies, and continually improving in the markets.

Prospects seem much more promising now that the country’s core infrastructure has been made more sustainable, together with an existing and strong service-sector, particularly in professional services, tourism, and maritime/shipping. This comes with many years development, a long-standing international reputation, and a mature, skilled and highly educated workforce that maintains the country’s status as a leading business destination. Continued discoveries of hydrocarbons is now also quickly positioning Cyprus as a major energy hub in the region and wider EU, and further promoting its position as an investment gateway throughout the EMEA region.


Niche Insurance Brokers can provide solutions for all sorts of professionals in Cyprus; whether maintaining a corporate structure, business, partnership or self employed/contractor. At Niche, we understand that in order to encourage business development and sustainable growth for your profession, you must be stringent and concise in all forms of operations (and expenses), yet no less diligent.

As such, we are able to negotiate a better deal on you behalf, regardless of the size of your operations, whilst at the same time providing the personalised services required to better understand the various insurance options – pre decision, as well as post options in support and claims. Types of professionals in Cyprus may include:

  • Engineers and architects
  • Properly valuers and quantity surveyors
  • Accountants, auditors, consultants, lawyers, financial advisors and other professional service providers
  • Doctors, dentists and other medical practitioners
  • All sorts of tradesmen, such as plumbers, electricians, builders, painters, mechanics
  • Media professionals


Cyprus based companies and Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are our strongest market, and as such is where we have the greatest depth in insurance products and overall solutions, as well as experience.

These types of clients are somewhat larger than individually-operated businesses, and deal with both the public and B2B. Normally they receive clients/customers on their premises, have a larger workforce, more assets, and overall greater responsibilities. In day-to-day operations, activities are also perhaps somewhat larger scaled. As such, they tend to require greater insurance options, such as accidents and health, asset cover, business travel, in addition to liability.

Niche works with companies to help them better understand insurance options, and then devise an optimal and efficient solution. Types of companies that fall under this segment include:

  • Corporate entities, professional and fiduciary service
  • FMCG manufacturers
  • Food, catering, hotels and hospitality
  • Agricultural
  • Car rental companies
  • Other travel and tourism-related companies
  • Wholesale traders/distributors
  • Jewellers and all other retailers
  • Educational institutions
  • Real estate and property developers
  • Medical and laboratories
  • Freight forwards, and supply chain logistics


Although promptness is no doubt crucial for such big business or more complex associations, this segment also requires highly specialised knowhow, expertise and a timely-focussed approached to insurance solutions. Understanding the client and their segment is fundamental in developing a more efficient approach, and ultimately brokering a better insurance solution.

Niche has extensive experience in the Cyprus market, together with an established panel of insurers to act as your bridge and make the process smoother. We work closely with your team to uncover and broker a prompt, and cost effective solution.

Insurance services available to the likes of:

  • Energy companies, including renewable and conventional sources
  • Technology and larger engineering and construction companies
  • Heavy industrial and machinery
  • Forex, other trading firms, and financial firms
  • Hospital, health establishments, and larger pharmaceutical companies
  • Maritime sector, including shipping, shipmanagers and shipowners, and
  • Organisations, semi-government & NGOs